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Welcome at SYBER, a Dutch security consultancy company.

We are a team of experienced cyber security professionals with at least more than 20 years experience in the (cyber)security arena. Mainly in
industry, government, and academic organizations. 

In their ongoing quest for improved operational efficiency, organizations have come to rely on the ability to collect, access, and process large volumes of electronic data (aggregated data). This reliance has evolved with the development of sophisticated database software and the growing availability of hardware with storage capacity measured in terabytes. By possessing such large volumes of data, however, organizations assume certain risks and responsibilities. Large data stores are valuable informational assets that have become targets for cyber criminals.

By applying sound management principles and good security practices, organizations can mitigate these risks and better protect the aggregated data under their control.

At SYBER we are engaged to discusses the security issues, business impacts, and potential strategies of industry, government, and academic organizations that create and maintain data, such as digital repositories, databases, data warehouses, aggregated information systems, (hybrid) cloud solutions and more. Feel free to get in touch with one of our experts.